Institute of Saint Gabriel the Archangel  

                              Evangelical Counsels


"Let us be upright in our thoughts, heart, and life....Delicacy of conscience, spiritual sensitivity,

rectitude before God and people....Holiness is and always consists in living Jesus Christ as

he is prescribed in the Gospel:  Way, Truth and Life."

                                                                                                            Blessed Fr. James Alberione

With the public profession of the Evangelical Counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience,

the members become more intimately consecrated to "the service of God and of the Church."

The profession of the Evangelical Counsels "makes visible for all believers the presence of

heavenly goods already in this life and gives a better witness to that new and eternal life won by

Christ's redemption, giving a better foretaste of the resurrection to come."  And so it involves the

person in all his potentialities, making him part of the plan of salvation following the example

of Jesus: "As I did, so you must do." (John 13:15)

The Evangelical Counsels, "freely chosen according to the personal vocation of each one,"

help a great deal in the growth of charity and as a means of conforming "oneself to the poor

and virginal life which Christ chose for himself, and which his Virgin Mother embraced."


"Virginity is a great virtue, chosen with heaven in view and so as to attend more freely to heavenly

things.  The heart of the person consecrated to God does not live in solitude, but rather lives in an

immensely superior love, comforted by greater communications with God."

                                                                                                            Blessed Fr. James Alberione

Institute members profess the Evanglical Counsel of Chastity which, "accepted as a notable

gift of grace" makes "the heart free in a special way,"  and "implies the obligation of perfect

continence in celibacy."


"The first Beatitude taught us is poverty: 'Blessed are the poor in spirit because theirs is the

kingdom of heaven.'  It is the first step toward sanctity."

                                                                                                     Blessed Fr. James Alberione

Consecrated poverty expresses a sharing in Jesus, the Divine Master's lifestyle, he who

"being rich made himself poor so as to enrich us by his poverty," (2Cor 8:9) and it opens the

disciple's heart to supernatural realities.(Matt 6:25).

Although members profess consecrated poverty the members provide for themselves through

their own employment and do not renounce the right to possess temporal goods.  The members

will cultivate a simple lifestyle, leaving consumerism and adorning themselves with good works.

The members also live their lives in humble service, in poverty of spirit.  They should be

alert to the needs of the poor (Matt 10:42) and in particular of those who do not yet know the

Gospel (Mark 8:2) so as to give a common the dignity of human beings created by

God, redeemed by Christ, sanctified by the Spirit and called in this life to lead a life in conformity

with this dignity."


"Obedience is certainly the way of peace, of grace, of God's blessings in the apostolate.

God blesses only what is conformity with his will."

                                                                                                      Blessed Fr. James Alberione

By the profession of consecrated obedience, members "offer to God the total gift of their will as

a personal sacrifice and through this sacrifice they unite themselves to the saving will of God in a

more certain and constant way."

To make a reality of consecrated obedience and to become "chosen instruments" (Acts 9:15) in

the Father's hands while bringing to all His saving plan, members:

Will have a filial devotion toward the Pope "so as more directly to derive (from him) doctrine,

spirit and apostolic activity"; "we also give this obedience the strength of a vow."

They will endeavor to obey their lawful Superiors, "being aware that they are thus making their

contribution to the building up of the body of Christ according to the plan of God."  The members

will live by the statutes set down by the Institute.

They will respect the dispositions of those who exercise the service of authority in the natural,

civil and ecclesiastical fields having the correct attitude toward them.

"To enable the personality of the one consecrated to reach its full development,"  obedience

requires that he live in a dimension of profound interior liberty and always open to life's needs

according to the Spirit. (Gal 5:16)




         The mountains and hills will sing praise to God: all the trees of the forest will clap their hands,

                                   for he is coming, the Lord of a kingdom that lasts for ever.

                                                                                                                           Liturgy of the Hours